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Maker Space | Robotics, IoT, 3d Printing | Do It Yourself | Mukesh Chauhan

  • 24th June 2018
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Mukesh Chauhan, Founder & CEO of Technolexis Pvt Ltd, India has launched a concept of Maker Space where students/Kids can learn low-cost designing for Robotics and IoT application using basic concepts of 3D Printing and open source hardware and software like Arduino.

MakerSpace is a collaborative workspace with hi-tech tools and machines inside a school or library or independent space for making, learning, exploring and sharing knowledge among similar interest school students, giving them hands-on experiences on Robotics, IoT, 3D Printing and upcoming technologies.

They are innovators and have designed and developed a 3D printer in-house and making it available to Indian users at a very low price.

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