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Amplify your Speakers - Enhance your conference Shelf life

  • 30th May 2018
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“TV GME” is all about Expert and Expertise. It’s an online channel to highlight individual experts from different industries along with their special expertise and knowledge.

The purpose of this channel is to bring you the expertise and guidance of experts from various industries & countries to the knowledge seekers.

TV GME for Conference Promotion

Conferences always have speakers as experts. Normally these conferences are promoted on the social media and basic details are available. But the core expertise of Speakers is not captured to provide information to those who could not attend or for those attending but want to refresh the knowledge later. Even if you cover the sessions, the focus of the speakers is on the live audience and they are too detailed & long.

How TV GME can add value

• Focused campaign of salient features of the conference • Highlight the Speaker’s background to establish the credibility of the conference • Identify the salient features of the Speaker’s presentation and help in making crisp interviews. • Professional Corporate Video shoots and Editing to make them attractive for the digital audience. • Video interviews converted into Blogs for better SEO. • Enhance the shelf life of the Conference proceedings by being available on the web • Identify the target audience and make more relevant digital promotion ( not by numbers only but by the quality of the audience) • We can provide Co-branded videos • The right of ownership of videos is given to the client.

How do we amplify Conference/Speaker’s Brand?

Our Creative & Digital Marketing team will help you in bringing best interview in a Professional way. They will interview the speaker during the conference. After post-production, it will be promoted on TV GME YouTube Channel, and also on Website

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